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University Research Centre

Azim Premji University seeks to create a just, equitable and sustainable society by means of a three pronged approach- creation of talent, generation of knowledge and impacting practice. The Research Centre at Azim Premji University aims at nurturing a vibrant atmosphere wherein generation of knowledge is facilitated not only by promoting research but also by providing constant support to researchers in terms of mentorship and guidance.

At Azim Premji University, we believe that research and practice share a symbiotic relationship and are equally emphasized because the absence of field and teaching connections can make research isolated and irrelevant. Further, we consider research as a catalyst of change which will meaningfully impact the quality of life of communities. It has a strong and continued focus on developing some thrust areas for research which is, by the nature of its design, dynamic and responsive to the needs of the agenda of social change. Therefore, one of the aims which we strongly adhere to is that the research conducted at the University be ‘locally relevant but globally positioned’’.

The Research Centre at Azim Premji University provides a long-term research infrastructure that has the capacity to plan, coordinate and conduct research in the domains of education and development in India. In the years to come, the Research Centre aims at generating research based knowledge of uncompromising quality. While the broad strategy of the Research Centre is to inform and support not only the efforts in Azim Premji University, we also encourage and support the ongoing efforts of Azim Premji Foundation by expanding the frontiers of knowledge in concerned domains.

The Research Centre at Azim Premji University is an institution which provides a space for researchers of various persuasions to dialogue, debate and generate new ways of approaching research problems. The overall research strategy is attentive to the need of developing capability to generate high quality and relevant research on the Indian education and development sectors – it actively supports the democratization of research – in the choice of goals, the people involved, the dissemination strategies and an ability to inform the action of all stakeholders.

The overarching aim of the Research Centre is to foster a culture of research through which learning and practice take place. In order to achieve this aim, the efforts of the Research Centre are actively focused on the following:
  1. Conduct research in the domains of Education and Development by seeking answers to deepen our understanding of people and societies.
  2. Present findings and promote knowledge-based processes for decision-making. We believe that research should inform positions on social change and action.
  3. Provide research skills and build capacity for structured, systematic ways of thinking within Azim Premji University, Azim Premji Foundation, partner organizations and among communities.
  4. Dissemination of research-based knowledge through various channels which are available.