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Azim Premji University has initiated several innovative programmes which are intended to enhance the richness of the academic process and strengthen the integration between theory, practice and field. These programmes include the following:

Law , Governance and Development Initiative

The initiative primarily focuses on the creation of new and relevant knowledge to reconfigure our intellectual understanding of the problems of governance in India and to examine the capacity of legal system reform to resolve these problems. 

MANTHAN - The Annual Research Conference

MANTHAN provides the space every year to meet, dialogue, discuss, and debate different schools of thoughts and perspectives around the twin domains of education and development. We envisage that synergies will be created between theory and practice through building partnerships for exciting research projects. MANTHAN aims to nurture a culture by which these learnings can be widely shared; and offer a space to meet, think, analyze and deliberate on issues of common interest . 

Mind and Society Initiative

India is arguably the best society in the world for studying the mind-society interface. For better or worse, the combination of history, conceptual and social diversity, conflict and cooperation make India a fertile ground for the study of mind, culture and society. The Mind and Society Initiative brings together people with a range of skills and a common vision of studying “mind and society” as a synthetic system from a multidisciplinary perspective.

People and Ideas

“People and Ideas” is an initiative of the Azim Premji Foundation and Azim Premji University, in which we attempt to explore the ideas, lives and works of the many social reformers, artists, scientists, philosophers and educationists who have deeply influenced our vision and philosophy.

Philosophy of Education

The contribution of Philosophy of Education (PoE) to the understanding of and decision making in education, from classroom practices to policy making is well recognised and hardly needs arguing for. But in India, any discourse on PoE or engagement with the philosophical underpinnings of educational theory and practice, is notable only by its absence. The Philosophy of Education Unit is conceptualised with the objective of generating interest, creating opportunities for research, improving the quality of teaching in the area and creating knowledge in Philosophy of Education in India.