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Harini Nagendra

HariniNagendra is in the School of Development at Azim Premji University. Her research straddles two major, yet linked areas examining human-driven changes in ecosystems and biodiversity in forests and cities. She is interested in seeing how people can be positive and negative agents of change, bringing about ecosystem degradation in some contexts, and providing protection and restoration in others. Harini received a Ph.D. in Ecological Sciences in 1998 from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. She has subsequently held positions at the University of California in San Diego, Indiana University, ETH Zurich, and ATREE Bangalore. Most recently, Harini was a Hubert H Humphrey Distinguished Visiting Professor at Macalester College in Saint Paul in 2013. She is a lead author for the IPCC Annual Report 5 - Working Group III, and a member of the Scientific Steering Committee for the International Council for Science Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society, DIVERSITAS, and the Global Land Project. She received a 2013 ElinorOstrom Senior Scholar Award for Collective Governance of the Commons for her diversity of work, innovation and use of different methodological approaches, and her active participation as a practitioner on the commons.

Academic Qualifications

Dec. 1998: Ph.D., Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science
March 1995: M.S., Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science
July 1992: B.Sc., Bangalore University

Areas of Interest

Impacts of urbanization on biodiversity, land use and ecosystem services in India
Collective action for sustainable governance of forests, lakes and urban parks
Patterns and processes of land use/land cover change
Remote sensing for multi-scale biodiversity assessment and monitoring

Publications and Writings

Journal Articles

  • H. Nagendra, R. Ghate and J. Rao. Governing India’s commons: the influence of ElinorOstrom’s ideas. Forthcoming in IUCN Policy Matters.
  • H. Nagendra, H. S. Sudhira, M. Katti, M. Tengö and M. Schewenius (2014). La urbanización y suimpactosobre el uso de la tierra, la biodiversidad y los ecosistemas en la India. Interdisciplina 2: 169–178. (Adapted from Nagendra, Sudhira, Katti et al. 2013).
  • H. Nagendra, H. Unnikrishnan and S. Sen (2014). Villages in the city: spatial and temporal heterogeneity in rurality and urbanity in Bangalore, India. LAND 3: 1-18.
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  • P. Mairota, V. Leronni, W. Xi, D. Mladenoff and H. Nagendra (2013). Using spatial simulations of habitat modification for adaptive management of protected areas: Mediterranean grassland modification by woody plant encroachment. Environmental Conservation doi:10.1017/S037689291300043X.
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H. Nagendra and J. Southworth, eds (2010). Reforesting Landscapes: Pattern and Process. Springer Landscape Series, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

Book Chapters

  • H. Nagendra, R. Sivaram and S. Subramanya. Citizen action and lake restoration in Bengaluru (2014). Forthcoming in Nature Without Borders, eds. M. Rangarajan, G. Shahabuddin and M.D. Madhusudan, Orient Blackswan.
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  • J. Liu, V. Hull, E. Moran, H. Nagendra, S. Swaffield, and B.L. Turner II (2014).  Applications of the telecoupling framework to land change science. Forthcoming in Rethinking Global Land Use in an Urban Era, ed. K. C. Seto and A. Reenberg. Cambridge: MIT Press.
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Science Outreach

  • H. Nagendra (2012). Nobel Laureate, supporter of Bengaluru’s lake revival, passes away. Citizen Matters, 20th June.
  • H. Nagendra, M. Jaganmohan, L.S. Vailshery, D. Gopal (2012). Biodiversity in patches. Deccan Herald, 12th June.
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  • H. Nagendra (2012). Biodiversity and the city: Challenges for Bengaluru. Expert Perspectives in The Imperative of Hope: WIPRO Sustainability Report 2010-2011, pp. 46-48. 
  • H. Nagendra (2011). Green were the citizens? Citizen Matters, 11th July.