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Students start their journey at the University with the registration process that confirms formal enrollment into the University as a student. During registration, the following activities are completed:

  • Admission offer letter in original and fee receipt is provided to the student
  • Original certificates pertaining to the previous educational qualifications are verified
  • Registration forms and student declarations are collected and verified
  • Scholarship agreement is executed and netbooks distributed to students who are on scholarship
  • Process of application for education loan is initiated

Faculty, current students and other members will be available for informal discussions to guide the new students and clarify queries during registration

Orientation Programme

Students at the University come from almost all states in the country, from different socio cultural and educational backgrounds. The University values this diversity and sees it as a key strength and a very important contributor to the learning experience. The orientation aims at providing a detailed idea of the programme, University policies, student life on campus etc. This will also bring the diverse student group together so that they can begin to appreciate the value of listening to and learning from each other and working collaboratively.

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