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Programme Overview

Learning for Life

What is a University education for? Is it only intended to create expertise to find a good job? At Azim Premji University we think that education should give you this, and also much more. Education should help you become a critical and independent thinker capable of navigating the complex professional, personal and social challenges that lie ahead.


Three-year, full-time, residential Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degrees are offered in the following specializations:

Students choose a Minor from several inter disciplinary minors including (i) Applied Mathematics, (ii) Data Science, (iii) Development & Sustainability, (iv) Education,
(v) Media, Society & Development. Students also select a disciplinary Minor or can study an interesting mix of courses from many disciplines. Students can also opt for an Honours degree through advanced research projects. Selection of minor and selection for the honours stream is based on availability of courses and our evaluation of the student's interests and academic needs. The list of Minors available for each cohort will be announced at the end of the second semester.

Know more about Undergraduate Programme Specializations

What we offer
  • A flexible structure that allows you to explore and follow your interests
  • Deep disciplinary understanding through theory and practical experiences
  • Critical thinking and analytical capabilities through our Common Curriculum
  • An understanding of India - its opportunities and challenges
  • Living in a learning community of faculty and mentors committed to student well-being
A World of Opportunities

Our programme will open doors to multiple opportunities in both higher education and employment. Whether in business, the social sector or even entrepreneurship, our graduates will benefit from an education that nurtures fundamental capabilities along with deep disciplinary knowledge. We also foresee some of our students continuing to pursue higher studies either at Azim Premji University or elsewhere.

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