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Azim Premji University is committed to provide opportunities for study to students from diverse regional and socio-economic backgrounds.

There is strong evidence that social origins are connected with poor representation in institutions of higher education. As a part of its commitment to equity and justice, the University acknowledges the role played by accumulated historical socio-economic advantages and disadvantages in structuring individuals opportunities, goals and achievements. The admission process attempts to compensate for these differences by awarding applicants a disadvantage score, in addition, to the score secured by them in the tests and interviews.

The University recognizes the disadvantages caused by socially created inequalities like a students gender, their family's caste, religion, occupation, income, education and so on. Points are assigned to various aspects of the socio-economic background of every applicant, which will be added up, to arrive at an overall socio-economic disadvantage score. The information on socio-economic backgrounds, caste, religion etc., is sought in the application form, only for purposes of estimating the score and compensating for social disadvantage.

25% of seats are reserved for Karnataka domiciled students and are offered to candidates who have met all the selection criteria.

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