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Programme Overview

The Azim Premji University's postgraduate degree programmes aim to develop competent and committed
professionals for the education, development and related sectors in India.

Our postgraduate programme currently covers distinct themes Education, Development, Public Policy & Governance and Law - for which Masters degrees are being offered. The sub-themes listed under each theme are indicative and not restrictive.

  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) - The two-year full-time Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme aims to develop professionals with sound disciplinary knowledge along with critical perspectives on education, curriculum, teaching and learning, and capable of analysis, reflection, conceptual thinking, and meaningful action. We seek to enrol students who are interested in a deep engagement with the process of teacher education through specialized domains of knowledge.
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  • Master of Arts (M.A.) Education - The Master of Arts (M.A.) Education Programme at Azim Premji University is a broad-based Programme of Study that includes theory, practice, research, policy and planning in education. It aims to prepare people with good understanding of education, capabilities for action and deep social commitment. The sub-themes covered in the programme are pedagogy, assessment, educational technology, educational leadership and management, inclusive education, curriculum studies, teachers and teacher educators.
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  • Master of Arts (M.A.) Development - The Master of Arts (M.A.) Development Programme at Azim Premji University aims to prepare individuals capable of informed and thoughtful development action, aware of the complexity, depth and scope of the discourse of development, its ethical imperatives and its implications for policy and action. They will be in a position to meaningfully contribute to meeting India's growing need for individuals who can engage with development challenges. The sub-themes covered in the programme are political economy; welfare economics; sociology, history and politics of India; population studies and labour studies; livelihood; legal studies and governance; health systems, rural and urban studies, habitats, ecosystems and communities; traditional communities and the pressures of industrialisation; ameliorative and other approaches to crises.
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  • Master of Arts in Public Policy and Governance (MPG) - The Master of Arts in Public Policy and Governance (MPG) will prepare students to critically analyse public policy problems, programs and policies; identify and frame governance problems; provide purposive programmatic solutions, and undertake critical and impactful governance research. Our graduates will become reflective practitioners in public affairs through careers in the government, development organizations, social enterprises, think tanks, the media and other agencies involved in public affairs.
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  • LL.M. in Law and Development - The LL.M. in Law and Development will be a research and field intensive post-graduate programme in law. The programme includes mandatory courses on Law and Development, Law and Justice, Comparative Public Law and Legal Research Methods. Students may elect to do courses in a wide variety of fields (private and commercial law, human rights, tax law, livelihoods, environment and sustainability) and across a wide range of disciplines (economics, anthropology, political science, sociology, history and philosophy) offered at Azim Premji University. This programme is designed for students who seek to make a mark in the legal system, government, civil society, academia and the world of ideas.
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